About My Kangen Story

About My Kangen Story

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Welcome to my Kangen Water site!Kangen Story

This site is all about the amazing effect of alkaline water produced by Kangen water machines that is beneficial to ones’ health and wellness.

It has transformed thousands of people lives worldwide with their own struggle on their own personal health issues from Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, High blood,Acid Reflux, Cancer and other forms of diseases that are very common in today s world.

It has helped me and I want to share it to the world that it maybe also the only solution to whatever health problems you maybe encountering right now.

Read on as I share my own personal kangen water experience.

My Kangen Water story


10 years back,

I have experience GOUT(“A baby form for arthritis or having a high level of Uric acid),,

Ouch.!! too much painful!!!

Anyone who have gout experience can relate on how painful this is.

You can hardly walk due to the inflammation on your toe( the left toe usually )

You can’t sleep because because of the “tingling”severe pain. Gout attack usually comes at night.

Ouuuoohhh…(I can still feel the pain as I am writing this) I still remember the pain I am feeling as this is coinciding with the rhythm of my heartbeat or flow of the blood in my body.

Really Albino!! I thought you are Athletic?

Many have known me to be a sports’ enthusiast and being active in any sports’ activities from basketball, running a marathon, badminton biking, hiking,etc…and never could imagine being experiencing such unhealthy conditions.

Of course, the first thing to do is seek some medical attention especially on the first painful stages.

The usual routine for my case is taking my blood sample for analysis .

A what !!! ( shocking truth revealed ) is my first reaction when my laboratory results came out!!

High uric acid!!

High Cholesterol!

Sugar Level showing in High Alarm levels!!

Oh No!!! What happened to you Albino??

My Laboratory Results

So I listened attentively what my Doctor says,

The sad part is this advice on HIGH URIC ACID

-Lessen red meat intake especially internal meat organs for pork or beef.

A what!!

Oh No!! Those are my favorite foods!

Avoid Beans

A what again!!!

Another favorite food of my mine

My Doctors advice on HIGH CHOLESTEROL

Avoid Eggs ..especially the yolk (yellow part)

A what !!

it’s my daily breakfast.

Avoid Fried Foods.(Fried chicken, french fries)

Oh My!!

Oh No Again…!! I am saying Good bye to McDonalds.

Avoid sea foods like (Shrimp,Crabs,and other shell food groups)

A What Again!..another Favorite food groups of mine.

My Doctors advice on HIGH SUGAR

Avoid soft drinks..(Agree w/ this first one)

Avoid Ice cream.(Oh no!!not on this one!)

A What again!! Its everybody favorite!!

This is too much I said to myself…!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH.!

What should I eat then ?I ask my doctor?

Almost all foods are prohibited!!(Getting angry mode…LOL)Interrupted with my last Doctor’s last advice ,

All food must be taken in moderation is his soft spoken advice ,

DRINK A LOT OF WATER!! Replenish and Cleans Your Body (no problem with this one, we all drink water daily, The question only is how much or how frequent you drink it)So I took the doctors advice and taken my prescribe medicines.

Pain relieved after a month…

I also avoid such foods in the first few months, But Like everyone else after the pain is gone,all is back to normal,

and the usual thinking is the medicine will take care of eventually.

So all is back under control as usual…

When the pain is gone we all get back to our bad habits….

We humans are usually hardheaded, Admit it.!!We all do what usually satisfies us…

Bad Habits are really hard to break.


So another doze of medicine.

This time my doctor gave me a maintenance medicines to take for months to lower this acid and cholesterol levels.

With my lesson learned I took these medicines and avoided the foods as per my doctors advice.

All went well-being as i followed the doctors advice..So it became my yearly check up (blood testing) to see if my Uric acid and cholesterol levels is improving.

My Gout no longer bothers me the following years taking this maintenance medicines. What bothers me is my laboratory blood testing results showing only slight improvement and still at alarming levels..so anytime this “gout will strike me if I don’t take these medicines and watch my diet and what I eat.

So i took my own research (thanks for the internet and Google)looking for alternative solutions.


What I Learned through my own research browsing thru the internet watching YouTube videos on how to lessen the acidity levels in your body is simply by drinking a lemon juice .

LEMON JUICE produces an alkaline water and has an alkaline effect inside your body.

To cut the story short I added lemon juice in my daily drinking routine and has become my maintenance medicine throughout the years.

Yes !… Gout never strikes me the following years….

So the next years went smoothly normal without gout striking.(Disclaimer notice:All mentioned here are based on my personal views and experience)


I’ve always heard of Kangen water machines producing alkaline water and it’s many benefits but not took notice of because as you know my health condition went well smoothly through the years especially with my discovery of the lemon juice.


But Still worried….

Recently, I have taken my Blood testing again for this year just for my own monitoring purposes (Just being health conscious),

Although I have not experienced any Gout attacks on last few years my Blood Test Results still shows a high uric acid level and my cholesterol and sugar levels are still reaching the high alarm levels..

Oh my…!!!

I’m still in danger of another Gout attack !!…GOUT is still there and just waiting around the corner to strike at anytime!

I still feel and need to do something before it strikes me again.

To Cut The Story short, I invested and purchase the Kangen water machine.


I have two main reasons why I invested in the machine


“Health is Wealth as They Say” not just for my “gout” problem but also with the overall health and wellness of my body. Anyway I thought to myself Drinking water is a basic necessity and a daily need for every human body.

I am also spending amount of money on bottled waters which you are not still sure how safe are they, during the processing of these ones, Why not invest to these machines which you are assured of the health benefits of the produced alkaline water in the long term.

2) A GREAT BUSINESS OPORTUNITY – (Having your own Business)

This is an Bonus, having purchased your Kangen water machine is entitled you already to have a business of your own. This is like hitting “two birds in one stone”. You are becoming healthy and a chance to be wealthy by just sharing the health benefits of this amazing water to others.

In the end you have not just help yourself but you have the opportunity also to help others become healthy and wealthy with this kind of business opportunity.


Let me justify my case,


-Water is basic health commodity and what our body truly needs(75% of our body is water) ,we drink it every day,

*How much do we spend in our water? (Bottled or filtered)?

*How much do we spend when we got sick and Go to the hospital?

*How much do we spend for the maintenance medicines and supplements?

“Prevention is better than cure”

“Drinking water helps prevent you from getting sick and other diseases”

Most importantly as the popular saying goes “HEALTH is WEALTH”



The Ultimate goal of this site is to inform and share the amazing benefits of alkaline water and how this will transform one’s personal lives in both aspects of Health and Wealth.

Join me as we continue to journey towards Changing your water and Changing your Lives…

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Albino Pingot

Enagic Independent Distributor
Enagic® Distributor ID #8950113
Read more at: http://www.kangenwaterksa.com/


Albino is an Independent Distributor of Enagic Kangen Water Enagic Internationl Distributor ID #8950113 Check out my Kangen water Story Here

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